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Sea and land creatures are affected massively by things like pollution and global warming. Wildlife are under threat from many different kinds of human activities, from directly destroying habitat to spreading invasive species and disease. A lot of nutrients or pesticicides used in agriculture are harmful to the oceans. Marine pollution occurs when a harmful body comes in contact with the ocean, causing harmful chemicles to spread. Below you can find a selection of endangered species.


Pangolins are hunted for meat, for use in traditional medicine.The large-scale illegal trade in Asian pangolins is drastically driving down their numbers.

Artic Fox

The arctic fox is categorized into the Critically Endangered category meaning they are in danger to be extinct in three generations.


The species is classified as endangered. And it is critical to conserve both African and Asian elephants since they play such a vital role in their ecosystem.


Pollution can directly kill prey species and dolphins, and completely destroy their habitat.High levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies, which is likely to affect their health.


Many turtles, that have been killed by consuming debris, had plastic bags or fishing line in their stomachs, some as small as half of a fingernail.